House Arts


Location: Reed’s School

Role: Stage Manager / Assistant Stage Manager


Monday → Bristowe & Blathwayt Rehearsal

Tuesday → Bristowe & Blathwaiyt Show Night

Wednesday → Capel & Mullens Rehearsal

Thursday → Capel & Mullens Show Night


4 x Sennheiser wireless microphones

1 x SM59

2 x 2M57s

6 x Mic Stand’s

Behringer X32 Sound Desk

Crest Amps

4 x EV Speakers

2 x Guitar Amps

1 x Bass Amps


→ As the stage manager for the House Arts, I was in charge of creating a technical requirement form for the various acts to fill out. I had to try and get as much information about each act so that the stage crew team could setup and prepare prior to the rehearsal.

→ During the rehearsal process, I was in charge of keeping the rehearsals moving and on time. I informed each of the departments of the next act so that they could prepare for the rehearsal and be efficient with our time.

→ On the night, I had a table positioned by the side of the stage so that I could see everything that was happening on the stage. I visually cued the lighting and sound based on notes I had made during the rehearsal.

→ I also had to communicate with the sound operator over cans to tell him which mics were about to go on stage


House Arts Lighting Plot

B&B ProgrammeHouse Arts 

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